TNF Junior Balloon Twisting WORKSHOPS

Developed as a partnership between Let’s Get Together! and HEALTHY KIDS Community Challenge Rexdale, and funded via Healthy Kids Community Challenge Rexdale’s Theme 4 – Power Off and Play: Bright Ideas Initiative
our TNF Junior Balloon Twisting Workshops are designed for youth,
grades 5 to 8, to help them develop this employable skill while promoting the importance of growth mindset, healthy social skills and acceptance of self and others. Youth who learn this unique skill will have another cool activity in their
“life toolkit” that encourages them to put down the electronics, explore creative arts    and enjoy building meaningful connections within the community. 


Send us a request for a workshop and we will follow up with available dates, workshop details and requirements, including customized flyer, parent letter, social media message and media waiver form.


The goal of this initiative is to teach youth (starting grade 4) a fun, creative and employable skill while promoting the importance of growth mindset, healthy social skills and acceptance of self and others. After this one-hour workshop, your newly trained “Junior Balloon Twisters” can then help launch your school or organization’s own Junior Balloon Twisting Club with a club starter kit. Available at extra cost.  

Youth who learn this creative skill will have another cool activity in their “life toolkit” that encourages them to put down the electronics and enjoy building meaningful connections within the community.


Our facilitation team includes an adult coordinator and a Junior Balloon Twister Trainer (scheduling permitting). Our Junior Trainers are Grade 5 to 7 students. We do ask that one adult from your organization, whether it be a parent, teacher or staff, be present to actively help support our team. Our team will arrive approximately 20-30 minutes before the start of the workshop to set up. We kindly ask that the room and equipment be ready to ensure we maximum our teaching time. This will also help minimize missed class time for our Junior Trainers for lunch hour workshops. The first 10 – 15 minutes of the workshop is about the concept of growth mindset, while the last 45 minutes will focus on teaching balloon twisting. Take down time will take about 15-20 minutes. If possible, please provide a venue that is located close the main doors for ease of access. 


The ideal space is a classroom, library or a venue with desk, chairs and minimal distractions.  

We provide all the balloon twisting supplies along including a take-home kit (including pump & balloons) for participanting youth.  Club starter kits are available for purchase.  We have a short video and powerpoint presentation to share so we kindly ask your organization to provide a screen, projector, laptop and sound equipment. If you’re unable to provide any of these materials, please let us know in advance so we can make adjustments to our presentation.

Selection of Future Junior Balloon Twisters

Since one of the primary goals is to help your school start your own Junior Balloon Twisting Club, it’s best to try and recruit at least youth who are willing to help start the club after they’re trained. Youth who have a positive attitude towards learning, enjoy trying new things, work well on a team, has past experience helping others, is a good communicator, and is willing to invest time into growing this initiative would be ideal.  


Once we confirm your workshop date and room location, we will send you a customized flyer which you can post at your school.  We will also include a parent letter to send home and/or include in your newsletter, as well as a social media graphic message which you can share through your channels.

For social media, we kindly ask that you tag the following partners @GetTogetherTO @HKCCRexdale @ONThealth @TrueNorthFriends (twitter) @TrueNorthFriends (insta).

We will also send you a copy of our photography and media release form to review with the parents and school administration.


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