True North Friends is a series of animated characters designed to raise awareness among elementary-age children about the importance of having a growth mindset, developing healthy social skills and acceptance of self and others.

Through their personal and everyday life experiences, True North Friends highlight the social challenges of today’s children. These relatable characters offer guidance so that children can grow into respectful, civic-minded, caring life-learners with an appreciation of our Canadian diversity. 


    Join us on July 6th, 2018 at Rexdale Foodie Festival 
for True North Friends Junior Balloon Twist-Off!


Tim-Ber the beaver

Tim-Ber was born in Saskatchewan and has 4 step-siblings. He is fluent in English and Ojibiwe and is learning French.

He is friendly, honest, and often takes on leadership roles. He is a Cub Scout and junior basketball coach. Tim-ber’s hobbies include journaling, reading, and learning about different cultures. His favourite subjects are Social studies, French, Gym.

Tim-ber is allergic to nuts and can’t swim well. His personal motto is “I can always improve so I’ll keep trying”.

What do you think Tim-Ber's passions are?
Tim-Ber is passionate about environment and Building Community!

Cheese the cat

Cheese was born in Paris, France. She is an avid learner but her foster parents noticed that she doens’t trust easily.  

She loves jeopardy, reading, and creating videos. She has her own YouTube channel. She is passionate about changing the world through technology.

Her favourite subjects are media arts, english, and math.

Cheese’s personal motto is “One person can change the world”.

What do you think is Cheese's pet peeve?
She often rants about the news.

Clarien the Chameleon

Clarien is gender neutral and were born in Ontario. Their mom is from Madagascar.

They speak English and French and are resourceful, shy, resilient. 

Clarien love basketball, drawing, and meditation and are Junior Wheelchair Basketball Athlete. Their favourite subjects are gym, art, health & nutrition (online).

Clarien believe in equitable opportunities for all.

What do you think is Clarien's personal motto?
“If I set my mind to it I can do anything I want”.

Mike the monkey

Mike was born in Canada and has a large family with roots in India. 

He is sociable, curious, and responsible. He speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish and is learning Mandarin. He is a member of language and Optimist clubs.

Mike has ADHD. His hobbies include cricket, darts, and music. He loves to encourage others to succeed and always makes time for friends. His favourite subjects are music, languages, geography.

His personal motto is a quote from Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

What do you think helps Mike stay focused?
Mike uses music to help him focus in school.

Felix the fox

Felix was born in Argentina and came to Canada recently. He has a younger brother.

He speaks Spanish but very little English. He is cautious, loyal, and helpful. He likes to cook, cooking, volunteers at his church and Cultural Community Centre and plays soccer.


He has dyslexia. His favourite subjects are science, history, and music.

Felix believes that we should treat people the way we want to be treated. His personal motto is “This may take some time and effort”. 


What do you think is important to Felix?
Felix always makes time for family and community.

Parvati the penguin

Parvati is East Indian but was raised in Antarctica. She was adopted by scientist family and her family has travelled all over the world. 

She is ambitious, entrepreneurial, and bossy sometimes. She was home schooled. Her hobbies include coding, business and science.

She is passionate about preventing global warming, technology and documentaries. She is epileptic.

Her personal motto is “I’m going to figure out how she/he/they do it!”


What do you think Parvati's favourite subjects are?
Parvati likes science, math, photography, and biology.